Business Domains Served by Delta BPO Solutions

Outsourcing Business Process Outsourcing services has now become an important part of most businesses in India. Delta BPO Solutions has been responsible for providing worthwhile services to various businesses of all sizes. The BPO Company serves a wide range of business domains in India. These business domains include:

Delta BPO Solutions provide inbound and outbound call centers, email support, telemarketing, and technical support services among others. The company offers inbound Business Process Outsourcing projects with direct sign up with the end client and fixed monthly payout. The company charges upfront amount for inbound BPO projects but doesn’t charge royalty in the campaigns.

Delta BPO Solutions also offers a wide range of Healthcare services, including tele-radiology services, Healthcare claims adjudication, Medical Transcription services, and so on. If you are in the healthcare industry, then you should start outsourcing with us right away.

Financial services is another business domain in which the Delta BPO Solutions serves in India. Among the financial services companies can outsource from us include infrastructure management services and payroll processing services. Bookkeeping is also another area that we serve.

IT/ITES is another business domain in which the Delta BPO Solutions Company serves. Under this domain, the services offered include software development and IT staffing. Also offered are Infrastructure Management Services and help desk services among others.

Companies in the telecom sector can also benefit from the BPO services offered by Delta BPO Solutions. Under this sector, you can outsource a wide range of services, including complaint processing, service information, and so on.

Manufacturing is a booming industry in India. You can save more time and money by outsourcing a range of business processing by hiring BPO services. As one of the major contributors to Indian’s economy, manufacturing is a domain that is given much prominence by BPO companies, and Delta BPO Solutions is not left behind. They focus mainly on ordering services, component information services, and help services.

7. Educational Institutions

Education forms an integral part of our system as it impacts information, skills, and knowledge on employees, entrepreneurs, and business managers. As such, it is one of the domains in which the India’s BPO industry serves. For Delta BPO Solutions, the main focus is on the fees processing services and course information services.

Most businesses that deal in products provide retail services. Whichever product you are selling, you can increase your revenue by hiring BPO services. The most popular services that usually prompt companies to opt for BPO services are status checking and ordering services.

Travel industry is one of the major contributors of India’s economy. There are many companies providing services within this sector and that’s why Delta BPO Solutions dedicates its resources to serving it. The main services include bookings and cancellations services.

Foe e-commerce Websites, the main services that BPO industry in India is more focused on are refund processing and online ordering.

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