Delta Bpo Solutions is Award Winning Company in 2021

Forward-looking global and local companies in India are using Business Process Outsourcing as a business strategy to efficiently meet critical business challenges and to expand their operations. Moving beyond commodity BPO support functions and services such as F&A support and voiced-based services, Delta BPO Solutions is offering a slew high-end business services so as to provide sustained value and accelerate innovation in India. These include complex functions like equity research support, engineering design, and research and analysis among others.

Delta BPO Solutions and other forward-looking BPO companies in India now assume the full process management responsibility in a wide range of processes such as revenue cycle management to offer greater value in various business verticals like finance and accounting, Healthcare services and insurance among other services. This results in BTO or Business Transformation Outsourcing — a strategic partnership between the outsourcing service provider with complex or sophisticated financial methods in place and the customer. The customer’s firm obtains strategic stakes in the overall outsourced operations, thereby sharing gains and risks with the outsourcing service provider, thus creating increased business worth not only for the customer, but also for the outsourcing service provider.

Core competencies

Top BPO vendors in India like Delta BPO Solutions Company are using BI or Business Intelligence to add value and also to attain sustainable business process improvement — to improve employee productivity and efficiency, to track and analyze changes and trends, to optimize processes, to uncover new opportunities, to trigger suitable management action through alerts, to retain customers, to increase revenue, to deliver on-time, targeted information, to reduce risks, and help the business grow. Strategic outsourcing helps your business achieve all these provided you are working with the right outsourcing partner.

Objectives of BPO

What does business process outsourcing intend to achieve? Companies or businesses that currently offshore their business processes to the country are not only concerned with cost reduction, but they also want to achieve various objectives, which overall forms the objectives of Delta boo Solutions. These companies want to achieve:

· Cost savings

· Process improvement and efficiency — greater productivity and foster turnaround

· Reduced head count

· Building business value and realizing strategic differentiation

· Increased focus on the core competencies — like developing new service and, or products

· Building and strengthening presence in a foreign country or in a new market

· Improved quality — less errors and less rework

All of the objectives listed above basically add up to help these companies or businesses achieve the much needed increased competency through business process outsourcing.

The differentiator

Indian Business Process Outsourcing companies are steadily moving up the value chain where they can offer end-to-end business process outsourcing, higher-end services and domain-specific expertise. This trend has given rise to various segments such as Research and Analysis outsourcing, Research Process Outsourcing (RPO), legal process outsourcing (LPO), Finance and Accounts Outsourcing (FAO), Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO), and Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO). It has also given rise to Medical Business Process Outsourcing and many more segments. Delta BPO Solutions Company is your go-to outsourcing provider as it specialized in most of these segments.

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